How to Recreate Your Website and Increase Traffic
The success of a website is determined by the number of people who visit that site. There is really no point of churning out content if that content remains unread. There are several ways you can use to improve your site's functionality and grow your audience including the use of plugins.

But first things first. Do you understand the important role plugins can play in increasing traffic to your site?

· Convenience for Your Audience

Plugins create convenience for your audience by making your audience user-friendly. They are developed for various uses including to help in displaying logos of clients, sponsors, partners and affiliates on your website. Some also help in making your website and content easy for your audience to share with their friends and family.

· Offers A Means to Grow Your Business

There are many plugins available that you can use to grow your business. The WordPress Logo Slider provides an opportunity for you to grow your audience in terms of clients, partners, and affiliates of your online store.

· Improved Functionality for Your Website

Plugins bring a ton of additional functionality to your website from the vast number of features they provide. Ensure the plugins you use don't clog your website and hinder functionality.

· Fully Responsive and Mobile Ready

Because many people have different devices you need a plugin that is easily accessible and fully responsive even on mobile phones. With fully responsive and mobile ready plugin you are sure to reach more people.

· Offers Flexibility on Your Site

Most plugins allow you to tailor your site to your needs. Some WordPress Plugins allow you to easily customize the height, width and transition type and put up links on your website.

How to Revamp your Website

1. Don't Clutter Your Website

As much as plugins help in reaching and engaging a wider audience, don't clog your website. Ensure that your website functionality is not impaired. Too many plugins may distract your visitors yet your aim is not to draw your audience's attention from the valuable content that you are offering. As much as Ads are a tempting way of making money, don't overdo it. Too many Ads make your website too clumsy with so much going on.

2. Add Images and Videos to Make It Visually Appealing

Make your website visually attractive to your online audience by using graphics creatively.

Make use of diagrams, photos and videos to make your site more appealing. People today are watching more videos and looking at more photos than they read. Use photos and videos and you'll hook your visitors' attention. Engage your audience by including social share plugins. Align them suitably on your pages and website so that they don't appear like clutter to your audience.

3. Offer Value and Quality Content

Identify people's problems and seek to offer valuable products and services as solutions to those problems. You need to tap into these needs of your audience so they can keep coming for more from you.

A good number of people are looking for online solutions that speak to their problem areas so you need to first identify your target audience and their immediate needs.
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The follow-up, 1998's Big Calm, moved away from trip hop towards a more pop-oriented, song-based sound. This was exemplified by the band's reworking of "Moog Island" into the pop-song "The Music That We Hear".

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